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Driven, the continued story of Jamie Huo.

Up at six. Every single day. Hours of workouts, with a focus on core strengthening and flexibility. Then to the practice range for short game drills. Calluses on calluses. Then, meetings with potential sponsors, developing a budget and fine tuning the website and social media posts to build a brand and a business.

Such is the life of an aspiring professional golfer. Our own 2018 SWGA City Champion Jamie Huo has been working 24x7 to establish herself. She’s headed to China in a few days to qualify for the Chinese LPGA tour.

Since we last told you what she was doing, she’s entered three tournaments as a professional, placing 8th in her first outing and winning another. Before golfers obtain their LPGA status, they grind away on the minor tours. Oh, that 8th place finish? Jamie was the only woman, competing against an all-male pro field. Pretty impressive, if you ask me.

It takes a village to raise up a professional golfer. Young golfers don’t have those lucrative sponsor contracts Instead, they stay in Motel 6’s, or on a friend’s couch, trying to find healthy alternatives on a fast-food budget. Entry fees are expensive. So is gas and airfare. The caddy needs to eat too, and equipment isn’t free until you make a name for yourself. Friends, family, and increasingly, other contributors are pitching in to support this driven young woman. From donated airline miles, to pre-paid cards, to bits of cash or outright sponsorships, people are investing in Jamie’s dream and her hard work. Even messages of support provide that extra boost to keep powering on. Check out Jamie’s website at, follow her on Facebook (Jamie Huo), LinkedIn: (Jamie Huo), Twitter (@huojamie), or Instagram/Snapchat (Jamiehuoo). Let’s get behind our city champion as she readies to travel halfway around the world to start the next stage of her incredible journey.

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