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Contingency Plans

SWGA is committed to ensuring the safety of all of our members. We recognize that the current outbreak of COVID-19 requires thoughtful planning and possible adjustments to group events going forward. We want to balance healthy, outdoor activity with our collective responsibility to our members and our communities.

At this point, we are still planning to hold our April events, with some common-sense modifications to protect participants and reduce risk. We are monitoring advice and information from Washington Department of Health and Seattle-King County Public Health Department, and will follow their guidance as the situation unfolds, which could include postponing or cancelling group events if directed to do so.

Your SWGA board and league captains are working closely together to identify strategies to maximize player safety and enjoyment. In early April, we will reach out with more information on our Team and Sweeps schedule, through Facebook, our website, and through email.

Please reach out to your club’s SWGA representative or team captain if you have any questions or feedback. Thank you for your support and involvement with our SWGA. We are stronger together.

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