2020 SWGA Season Cancelled

April 9th, 2020

Dear Seattle Women’s Golf Association Reps, Captains, Sweeps and Team Players:

I am saddened to announce that the 2020 SWGA Season has been officially cancelled as of April 8th, 2020. This is only the second time in our 93 year history, that we have had to cancel our golf season. The first time was during WW II, when events were cancelled in order to support the war. This time, it is due to the pandemic virus known as COVID 19, which is a world war of a different kind, and the fact that we must practice social distancing for an indeterminate amount of time to keep our communities and families safe.

We did not come to this decision easily. All the club reps as well as the league captains met (Zoom Conference) and discussed our options. It became obvious that due to Team matches being cancelled for April and now May, the rest of the season would be impossible to accurately determine winners for the 2020 season.

We discussed continuing with Team and Sweeps matches as the social distancing requirements relax and the golf courses reopen for player development, but we learned that most of our member golf courses will have restricted access once open. The clubs don’t have concrete plans once they are open, but they are certain that this season will be different. Some of our member clubs will be cancelling a few of their own events, such as the Member-Guest and the Invitational. Most will forbid guests as well as shotgun starts for the near future to avoid large gatherings. There is much that is unknown, but it is reasonable for the clubs to want to save their course for their members who have had to sit out so far into the season.

What does this mean? It means that 2020 will just be one big break from the SWGA and that we plan to just pick right back up where we left off in 2021. It means that all current SWGA Reps and League Captains have agreed to maintain their current jobs. It means that the current Sweeps, Team and City Rotation will remain the same. It means that City 2020 at Broadmoor will now be City 2021 at Broadmoor. It means that almost all will remain the same, just some new dates in 2021.

Additional Important Notes:

We discussed as a group to keep the 2020 dues already paid and use it for 2021 to avoid busy work for clubs with minimal crew working. Please discuss with your Rep if needed.

The General Meeting in October 2020 will go on as planned. Stay tuned for the format.

Thank you to all the Reps and League Captains for all of their hard work.

I thank all of you for your continued support. I encourage all of us to stay connected with each other as well as the SWGA. Visit our Facebook Page, take some pics and use #mySWGA.

Yours Truly,

Lisa Schafer, SWGA President 2020/2021

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